Ceutical Laboratories Launches into the 21st Century with a superior Certification Program


  • Suppliers want to increase their markets and marketshare.

  • Manufacturers want to reduce their costs of incoming components and raw materials.

  • Global agencies, including the FDA, expect manufacturers to maintain supplier quality systems.

  • Supplier quality systems are expensive and most manufacturing companies do not have the time, personnel or money to execute a supplier qualification system.

  • A properly executed supplier quality system will reduce rework, expenses, warehouse costs, and product costs.

  • Manufacturers want “just in time” and “right every time” components and raw materials.

  • Small manufacturers can not compete with larger manufacturers for the same business.

  • Small and medium sized manufacturers typically produce a higher quality product when they have the resources at hand.

  • Consumers want products that have been tested to ensure safety and quality.


  • Ceutical Laboratories shall provide a conduit between supplier, manufacturing sites, and large distributors, a consortium of suppliers and manufacturers.

  • Benefits for all:

    • Suppliers receive guaranteed business at known time intervals.

    • Manufacturers save dollars on their supplier quality system.

    • Manufacturers reduce their costs by having “just in time” delivery of raw materials and components.

    • Both the supplier and the manufacturer have Ceutical Laboratory established quality systems, thus guaranteeing consistency and quality.

    • Larger distributors receive higher quality goods from smaller manufacturers and suppliers.

    • Supplier quality, marketing, computer systems, software, tracking, and quality systems are all handled by Ceutical Laboratories, Inc.

    • Suppliers can thus focus on reducing costs of their internal operations, manufacturers can focus on reducing manufacturing costs by increasing capability and capacity, the distributor gains repeat business by providing a higher quality product, and finally, the consumer gains through lower cost and higher quality.

    • Products that bear the Ceutical Labs Certified seal give customers the assurance that they are purchasing the finest products from quality manufacturers.